Our mission

As a young, dynamic business always striving to find better ways of doing things, we are eager to serve our customers at the highest level of service. Deeply aware that protecting a good reputation is crucial in the real estate industry, it is also a priority to be flexible and accommodating. Our team, reflects both our global market needs as well as our dedication to reaching the specific demands of our clients. 

In terms of selling, we put a great deal of effort into researching both our potential customer base as well as the needs of our property owners. We believe that this kind of research makes our properties sell faster and with an unsurpassed personal touch.

Our services

Bali Gate management property & Sys is a property management agency specialized in the vacation rental market in Bali.Leave us your property and we will take care of your property from the booking process to property maintenance, using the best marketing tools to ensure the best occupancy rate for your property.


Online and Offline Marketing Distribution we develop and distribute your property’s brand image online and offline. Our goal is to create brand awareness for your property and ensure the highest occupancy.

Booking Process

We organize your property booking through a very efficient online calendar.This way, you’ll enhance even more your guests’ experience and satisfaction as well as boost your activity.


With us, your property is constantly maintained and serviced to the highest standards.Our team of operational professionals is available 7/7 to take care of your property and guests! 



Our accounting team makes monthly reports for you to follow your property’s return on investment.Our keyword is TRANSPARENCY !


We are available 24/7 in order to happy at all times!


4 Bedrooms Villas

Hotel Near Airport

Villa In Ubud

                     Suite Rooms Nusa Dua

                Hostel Near Airport

                       2 Bedrooms Villas

                       Fun n Young Hotel Instyle


Bali Gate Property Management Sys








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